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Removing Designated Partner From LLP

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Basic Facts on Removing Designated Partner From LLP

Removal of a new partner in an LLP situation arises when of LLP partner wants to retire. The below procedure for removing a Partner from LLP needs to be followed as per LLP Act 2008. Existing partners must consent in writing and File forms 4 & 3 with the necessary attachments. This whole procedure may time up to 3-7 working days to complete.

General Reasons For Removal Of Partner

LLP business is conducted based on mutual understanding and in accordance with the LLP agreement. A partner may be removed from an LLP for various legitimate reasons. Such provisions are common in LLP agreements. Here are a few examples of situations where taking action to remove a partner may be necessary.

  • Fraud in business
  • Negligence in roles and responsibilities
  • Violation of Law
  • Lack of funding
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency of the general partner
  • Change in scope of work of LLP
  • Retirement or resignation of a partner
  • Breach of financial data
  • Breach of Trust
  • Inability to perform obligations, as defined in the LLP agreement

List Of Document For Removal Partner From LLP


  1. Existing LLP Agreement
  2. Consent letter
  3. Resolution for Authorizing partner
  4. Resignation letter
  5. DIN & DSC of Authorized Partner

Resignation Of Partner From LLP

According to the LLP Act of 2008 and the LLP Agreement, partners must resign from their LLPs.

A partner may resign from an LLP by mutual agreement. Consent from all partners must be signed on LLP letterhead, along with other required documents.

If the LLP agreement does not specify a time limit for resignation, a partner may resign by giving the other partners 30 days’ notice.

When A LLP Partner Would Automatically Cease To Be A Partner In The LLP?

In the following situation LLP partner automatically cease to act as Partner in LLP.

Firing Of Partner From LLP By Majority

There can be various reasons for the removal of a partner from LLP. Legal documents need to be submitted to the Ministry of corporate affairs. By submitting documents to MCA, the necessary legal proceeding is done for the removal of the Partner.

If a partner ceases to be a partner of LLP, then they can be removed from LLP with written consent. However, A Partner from an LLP cannot be fired by another partner unless the LLP agreement has provided such powers to partners.

3-Step Procedure for Removal/ Resign Partner From LLP

Step 1: Pass resolution for Removal of Partner

Partner shall pass a written resolution after conducting a meeting with a partner. By this resolution, partners authorise one of the partners on behalf of LLP & firm to act for legal proceedings.

A partner authorised to carry legal formalities of change in Partner shall hold a valid DSC & DIN number.

  • Execute Resolution of Letter Head of LLP
  • Resolution of required Signature of existing partners and authorised Partner
  • Details about the subject matter
  • Affix Stamp of LLP
  • The status of existing partners about DIN can be checked online at Enquire DIN Status – MCA Services
Step 2: Execute Amendment to LLP Agreement

As per LLP Act 2008, LLP Agreement is the source document base for carrying business. This document needs to be amended, and necessary filing needs to be done in case of removing/resigning the Partner.

This agreement contains information about a partner who is resigning, the terms of resigning, the effective date of resignation etc. This deed needs to be signed by removing existing partners. LLP must ensure that it has at least two designated partners for carrying business.

  • It should contain terms & Conditions towards the removal of the Partner.
  • Previous LLP agreement can be amended through Supplementary agreement.
  • If there is no capital change, this agreement can be executed on ₹100/- stamp paper.
  • If there is a change in the capital contribution of LLP, then the bond value is applicable as per Stamp Act provisions.
  • This supplementary agreement shall have a sign of the existing Partner and the removing Partner.
Step 3: File Form 4 & Form 3 towards Removal of Partner From LLP.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs gave Form 4 for intimating changes in partners of LLP. This is a PDF form which needs to be filed online.

This requires. Certification from a Practicing Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary is required.

  • Consent to act as a partner/ designated partner for the incoming partner.
  • Resignation letter from Removing/retiring Partner
  • Other Optional attachments

After the execution of a supplementary agreement for the removal of the Partner, this agreement needs to be submitted within 30 days to MCA—this requires certification from the Certification form Practicing Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary. For failure to do compliance with Form 3, there are late filing fees of ₹100/- per day applicable.

Attachments To Form 3 Of LLP

  1. Existing LLP agreement.
  2. New supplementary LLP Agreement.
  3. Optional attachment if any.

Fee/Cost For Removal Of Partner In LLP

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